"About four years ago I found Ray on YouTube playing “Night Train” live.  As an off and on saxophone dabbler, this performance got my enthusiasm going and hardly a day has gone by since when I haven’t picked up the tenor for an hour or more.  This was the sound and style I had been looking for!  I’m at this older than most, and quickly took on-line, in-person, and community college instruction focusing on the technicalities of jazz and technique.  All good, but none taught me how to play for people and to get the sound and feel as Ray has.  You can see for yourself his enthusiasm for playing to a group and the enjoyment and satisfaction everyone gets from this.  His willingness and ability to pass this along is truly unique and has increased my enjoyment of playing and performing beyond my expectations."

Chuck Raggio

Linden, CA.  USA

November, 2020

"When I first met Ray, I was a competent saxophone player, but I was new to performance and my playing lacked flair. I was also massively struggling to attain the tone I wanted. I'd seen Ray performing at Ronnie Scott's and sat in the audience saying 'I want to sound like THAT!' so I was thrilled when Ray agreed to teach me.

I was incredibly nervous before my first session with Ray, but I needn't have been - he was so kind and patient with me, and more than that, he helped me access aspects of my playing I didn't think were ever going to be possible for me. Within weeks, I had managed to develop a controlled vibrato and rich tone, I had learnt to growl, and I had also been introduced to a wealth of amazing artists and players I'd never heard of. I developed my transcription skills and under Ray's wonderful guidance, I honed my skills as both a player and a performer. Book him now, you won't regret it!"

Charlie Turner

London, UK

November 2020